Double glazed units are likely to fail eventually

This is more noticeable during Autumn and Spring due to seasonal temperature changes, when moisture within the double glazed unit condenses on the inside of the double glazed units, creating small water droplets giving the impression that the glass has misted up. The main reason for a sealed glazed unit to break down is wear & tear from weather, time and the environment.
Over a period of time, wind, sun, frost and everyday environmental conditions forces the sealed unit to constantly expand and contract, this movement will eventually break the seal between the glass panes and air can be drawn in and pushed out.
The air entering the space will contain moisture in the air, the dessicant or silica gel (material designed to absorb the moisture that is contained within the spacer bar between the glass) will become saturated, and therefore ineffective, the result is condensation between the panes and the start of the deterioration of the insulation and vision properties of your double glazing units.
When your uPVC window show start to show condensation on the inside call Bradford uPVC Windows for a no obligation quote to replace the glass unit.

All glass units come with a 5 year guarantee