If you’re lucky enough to live in a period property,and you’re looking to find high quality uPVC vertical sliding sash windows to replace your existing ones, you won’t find better than those from Bradford uPVC Windows.
While, heritage buildings look and feel amazing, more often than not they come with draughty living conditions due to badly fitting timber windows or ineffective single glazing.
Replacement sash windows supplied and fitted by Bradford uPVC Windows look exactly like their traditional timber predecessors, but they are energy-efficient and so much easier to maintain. Technically advanced, but with traditional heritage looks, vertical sliding windows offer the very best of both worlds.
Ideally suited to homes with a traditional look and feel, Vertical Sliders offer the added benefits of improved heat retention and security. You can also wave goodbye to the worries of problematic weights and cords, or any of the usual drawbacks associated with traditional sliding sash windows such as swelling, squeaking or continual repainting.
An added feature of the Sash windows supplied and installed by Bradford uPVC Windows, the sashes are cleverly designed to tilt inwards for both ventilation and so that the windows can be cleaned from the inside!

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